Stylish Pet Carriers

Make A Fashion Statement -- With Stylish Pet Carriers

Stylish Pet Carriers

One thing that all true pet owners have in common is that they love to pamper their pets. There are others that may not quite understand, but we pet owners want only the best for our little companions -- and that includes our selection of a good-quality pet carrier. These pet carriers should be more than just durable and practical, they need to show off our pet in the best possible light. So if you are shopping for some stylish pet carriers OR luxury pet carriers, here are a few of our recommendations --

First off, from Anima, is a stylish 2-pocket pet carrier. Priced at just under $50, this pet carrier is available in four different colors: gold, red, black, and pink. This is a truly stylish pet carrier, as it is designed to look just like an expensive handbag from an exclusive designer boutique. It should comfortably accommodate any smaller dog or cat, as its overall dimensions are 6.5 x 16 x 10.

Another place where you are sure to pick up some good bargains on pet accessories is eBay. For example, one seller that I know of is selling stylish pet carriers modeled after fancy Italian handbags from Milan, a Signature Gigi Pet Carrier, a Copperstone Creek pet carrier, and other items as well, all priced below $50.

Another great looking stylish pet carrier is the Metro pet carrier. This carrier is manufactured from faux-suede, with a wide padded strap. This stylish pet carrier also includes a removable matching cell phone pocket and a removable, washable fleece pad. It comes equipped with zipper openings on the front and sides of the carrier, and this stylish pet carrier also includes a weather flap on the front that rolls up exposing sturdy mesh ventilated panels. This stylish pet carrier is designed to transport pets weighing up to 15 pounds, and measures 15 x 7 x 15.5. If you have trouble with traditional narrow shoulder straps, this is definitely a pet carrier that you should consider purchasing. Priced at just under $50.

Another series of stylish pet carriers comes to us from Pit Bull -- a two-piece "Pet Purse". List priced at $25.99, this would be the perfect set if you needed a stylish pet carriers to transport more than one animal. These stylish pet carriers have a scooped out area on either end which will allow your pet's head/tail to stick out during transport. They feature very comfortable-to-hold carrying straps, are machine wash safe and feature a key holder on the inside of the purse.

Now if you are looking for something really different, I would direct your attention to a truly unique item: the Legs out Papoose Style Pet Carrier. These stylish pet carriers are designed to allow you to transport your pet while you carry them on your chest, in a way very similar to a baby carrier. The model I am looking at right now measures 8 x 12; x 8, and is designed to transport smaller pets.The color scheme is black with blue stripes, making this one of the most innovative yet stylish pet carriers I have seen to date. And the price is right, too: just under $18. Highly recommended!