Pet Carrier With Wheels

Keep Them Rolling -- On A Pet Carrier With Wheels

Pet Carrier With Wheels

When many people think of pet carriers they think of the traditional type -- some type of box or cage which must be carried by hand.  While fully functional, these types of pet carriers are not as useful in certain types of situations: for example, if you have a larger sized pet which must be transported over a longer distance -- in an airport, for instance -- a hand-held pet carrier may not be practical.  In these types of situations a pet carrier with wheels can be a real godsend!  In this article we would like to describe and review for you a number of different pet carriers with wheels --

First of all, we have this product, from Zappo: the original pet stroller SUV.  Priced at around $200, this pet carrier with wheels is 31" x 16" x 20" and folds up for storage.  This pet carrier with wheels holds pets up to 50 pounds in weight.  The carrier section itself is removable, and features accessible pockets in the back, a rear safety brake, independently turning wheels in the front and also comes with thick 1/2" padding which is also washable.

Another innovative design in pet carriers is the deluxe wheeled pet carrier with wheel cover.  This pet carrier with wheels measures 18" x 12" x 14.25" and comes with a telescoping handle.  This pet carrier also features two zippered mesh openings at the top as well as at both ends -- these will allow you to both see and hear your pet, and also provide them with necessary air circulation.  This pet carrier with wheels also has places for two water bottles on the front.  It also comes with carrying handles and an adjustable shoulder strap, and is priced at just under $130.

Another great place to find pet carriers with wheels is on eBay.  I found one just the other day -- it is made from nylon and is 18" x 10" x 11" -- which I think is the perfect size for most domestic breeds of cats.  This pet carrier with wheels comes equipped with a mesh window on the front and side panels and comes equipped with carrying handles, and three separate pockets for storage.  This pet carrier with wheels is also very safe, as it has five wheels mounted on the underneath surface providing extra balance and support as you transport your pet from place to place.

Another great pet carrier with wheels is manufactured by Pet Voyage.  Normally priced at just under $90, this pet carrier with wheels has a telescoping handle and is manufactured from PVC cloth.  It is 18" x 9" x 10" and weighs 5 pounds when empty.  According to the manufacturer, it can be used for animals up to 18 pounds in weight.  For extra storage it also comes equipped with side pockets as well.

Finally, we have the Blitz Pet Travellette Carrier on Wheels.  Normally priced at just over $100, this pet carrier with wheels is unique -- the wheels are detachable, for those situations where they will not be needed.  This pet carrier with wheels has two large and roomy exterior storage pockets and a comfortable shoulder strap which will allow you to carry it instead of pulling it.  The shoulder strap also can be used as a leash, once it has been detached from the carrier.  An additional bonus of this pet carrier with wheels is that it it is airline approved for use inside of the airplane cabin.  This pet carrier measures 18" x 10" x 10.5" and weighs just over 5 pounds when empty.