Luxury Pet Carriers

Luxury Pet Carriers: When You Can Afford The Very Best

Luxury Pet Carriers

Most people like to travel in style and comfort -- why shouldn't that be true of your pet as well?  For many people, their pet is their closest companion -- so it's not surprising that a number of wonderful luxury pet carriers have been designed and manufactured in recent years.  Here's a quick, yet detailed rundown on some of these models --

The first luxury pet carrier I would like to highlight is the Pet Wheel Away, which is designed to hold pets up to 30 pounds in weight -- a larger size than is normally available in pet carriers.  This pet transportation system consists of a pet carrier on wheels with a telescoping handle, which also converts to a backpack -- and also a car seat carrier as well as a pet bed!  According to the product information, this luxury pet carrier comes in two sizes: large and medium, with the medium size meeting the standards of most airlines for carry-on pet carriers. 

This luxury pet carrier is constructed with mesh on three sides and folds flat for convenient storage.  Other features of this luxury pet carrier include two side pockets, easy to clean fabric, a padded bed and padded shoulder straps.  The dimensions of this luxury pet carrier are 15" x 13" x 20" -- and it is 30 inches high when the telescoping handle is extended.

Here's another luxury pet carrier: manufactured by Crazy Pet, it is priced at just under $50 and looks a little like a cross between a bowling bag and an old-fashioned gym bag.  It is outfitted in very stylish colors -- pink and white -- and is perfect for carrying most cats: 16" x 8" x 9".  Of course it has mesh panels for proper ventilation, and the insides and outsides of this luxury pet carrier are easy to clean and made from very durable fabric.

Another great looking luxury pet carrier is called the Fox and Hounds Luxury Pet Carrier, in a beach stripe color scheme.  Normally priced at around $160, this luxury pet carrier includes a strap that serves as a leash, a smaller security leash located inside of the bag, as well as a small matching purse.  This luxury pet carrier has a bottom panel which is removable for cleaning, and the front and top sections use a double-zipper design to allow your pet to get in and out of the carrier quite easily.  This luxury pet carrier is 15" x 11" x 5", and is recommended for pets weighing up to 15 pounds.

And speaking of luxury -- don't forget to check out the Lap of Luxury Bordeaux Pet Carriers.  These are designed to hold pets up to 20 pounds, and are constructed from velvet with a fur trim.  But they are practical as well: these luxury pet carriers also feature a top-zipper opening and mesh side panels for proper ventilation.  This luxury pet carrier has dimensions of 15" x 9.5" x 11" and is available in plum and raspberry colors.

Now if you are looking for something different, and need a hard case pet carrier, I direct your attention to this next item -- a Battery-Powered Portable Pet Carrier with a Cooling Fan.  This is not only a luxury pet carrier but is also a very practical one: it runs off of two D-cell batteries, providing your pet with up to 100 hours of quiet, soothing ventilation.  And to make sure that your pet will stay safe, the blades on the fan unit will not harm your pets paws or jam in their fur.

Finally, let me pull out all the stops: the Lusso Bling Bone Pet Carrier. This luxury pet carrier comes in two sizes: small (14" x 9" x 9") or medium (16" x 11" x 11") -- and three colors as well (black, pink, and baby blue).  What makes this luxury pet carrier so very special is that it has over 300 crystals on bone charms and clasps!  This luxury pet carrier also comes equipped with two back pockets, and also has a fold up flap and a matching crocodile print cushion for your pet's comfort.  This luxury pet carrier is normally priced at just under $350, and in my judgment represents the Cadillac of luxury pet carriers -- highly recommended (if you can afford it!).