Backpack Pet Carrier

Carry Your Faithful Friend Everywhere You Go -- With A Backpack Pet Carrier

Backpack Pet Carrier

For a longer, more involved travel trips and voyages, a traditional cage-type pet carrier is a good choice.  But oftentimes, you will only be going out for short periods of time -- perhaps a walk in the park or a trip to the vet.  In these situations a backpack pet carrier is ideal: they allow you to carry a smaller pet on your back, while leaving your hands free for carrying packages, your purse, or a shopping tote.  If you are shopping for a backpack pet carrier, here are some of our recommendations on some of the best models available today --

First up we have the Kyjen OH00566 Outward Hound Backpack Pet Carrier.  Normally priced at just over $66, this backpack pet carrier is available in a number of stylish colors, and is suitable for transporting pets weighing up to 15 pounds.  This backpack pet carrier is 15" x 10" x 15", and can be purchased in blue, red, black, or green.  It features comfortable carrying straps, a roomy and well ventilated central compartment for your pet, and smaller storage compartments along the sides.

Perhaps you need a backpack pet carrier, but also sometimes need a pet carrier with wheels.  If you do, then you should check out this model from Casual Canine -- it is their deluxe backpack pet carrier on wheels.  As you would expect, this item is manufactured with very comfortable padded and adjustable shoulder straps so that you can transport your pet easily and securely.  This backpack pet carrier also features a comfortable carrying handle on the top of the unit.

But here's the good part: when you need to, you can extend the telescoping handle just like today's luggage, and wheel your pet around, because this unit is also equipped with rugged wheels on the bottom.  This backpack pet carrier is 13" x 11.5" x 18.5" and can be used to transport pets up to 22 pounds in weight.  Additional features on this backpack pet carrier include rubber mesh ventilated panels, a front zippered storage pocket and a safety clip located inside which attaches to your pet's collar.  This backpack pet carrier is normally priced at just under $40.

Another great backpack pet carrier comes to us from the Silver Pet Products Company.  Priced at just under $40, you can purchase this item in black, blue, green, or red.  It has a roomy center compartment with plenty of ventilation, sturdy straps to hold your backpack securely yet comfortably against her back and additional storage for food, water or a favorite toy.  This the kind of backpack pet carrier that you might see on any college or university campus.

Another great recommendation would be the Argo Action PetPack Pet Carrier.  This backpack pet carrier is designed to provide a completely hands-free operation -- and it is also made from extremely light weight yet waterproof material.  The center section is fully lined with strong yet lightweight mesh so that your tent will be able to breathe properly -- and are located on the sides of the backpack pet carrier, so that your pet will be able to watch what is going on around them.  And for your convenience, this backpack pet carrier has a cell phone case attached to the backpack straps, keeping it within easy reach.